Happening in Aarhus, Denmark this comming May. The Wilbarger basic 3 days course in treating Sensory Defensiveness.

This rare oppotunity to invite our International occupational and physiotherapist colleagues is finaly a reality. Please join us in this amazing 3 days course, in how to treat Sensory Defensiveness with no other than the creaters behind - Patricia and Julia Wilbarger. Only this year 2016 - May 18th, 19th and 20th

All Occupational and Physio therapists, who wish to feel competent and advanced enough to effectively treat clients with Sensory defensiveness are invited to this course with us. Please make sure to sign up early since space is limited.

For the first time in Europe - to maximize YOUR learning experience with us, we will form a Social Network platform, across professions and country borders, for any participant who wish to stay in synchrony with fellow colleagues world wide, and have the oppotunity to share future experiences and questions as they occur over time, after course completion.

Together.. we stay stronger!!

Sensory Defensiveness - A Comprehensive Treatment Approach

3 Day Workshop

Presented by: Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, FAOTA, Julia Wilbarger, PhD, OTR
In the City Center of Aarhus, Denmark the 18th, 19th and 20th of May 2016

Course discription: Sensory defensiveness is a serious sensory modulation problem that is rarely correctly identified and infrequently treated directly and effectively. This workshop will introduce an in-depth, clinical approach to treating sensory defensiveness.

Sensory defensiveness will be described across multiple age and diagnostic groups. The relation between sensory defensiveness and emerging psychological and neuroscience theories of behavior will be considered.  Clinical labs consist of training in specific assessment and treatment techniques including the protocols developed by Patricia Wilbarger. Practicum exercises incorporate detecting and analyzing sensory based behaviors, activity planning (the “sensory diet”) and the management of individual cases using advanced clinical reasoning procedures.

Clinical work over four decades and advances in basic neuroscience have resulted in a specific, multidimensional treatment approach that has had a dramatic impact on client outcomes. This integrated approach is client centered and requires advanced clinical reasoning. Casual exposure to these procedures has resulted in misuse and misinterpretation of our approach to training clinicians.  Direct training is vital for appropriate application of the Wilbarger approach to treating sensory defensiveness.

Course Objectives

•    Understand the key features of sensory defensiveness and how it disrupts occupational performance.
•    Identify symptoms of sensory defensiveness at different ages using a specialized clinical interview.
•    Provide direct clinical management for the treatment of SD including developing client awareness, creating a sensory diet, and applying a direct treatment approach to various clinical populations across the age span.
•    Design a ‘sensory diet’ for a variety of individuals with sensory defensiveness.
•    Have an overview of the emerging psychological and neuroscience

Important practicals
Full participation all 3 days are important to pass the course.

Please study the course material thorough prior the course.

OBS: Both speakers are american and will teach only in english. We ask of you to have good english language skills to participate in this course, since we cannot offer any help with language barriers unfortunally.

Diploma for the course will be handed out on the last day of the course.

Dates: Wednesday 18th Maj, Thursday 19th Maj and Friday 20th Maj from kl. 8:30am to 5:15pm alle 3 days.
Location: "DGI huset" i Aarhus, www.dgi-huset.dk Adress: Værkmestergade 17, 8000 Aarhus C tlf. (+ 45 ) 86 18 00 88 - 3th floor Room M6 

This Location is in the city center, just next to both train and bus station.
Pris: Early bird before 1. March 2016 pr. participant 6000 Dk kr
From March 1th - May 1th 2016 pr. participant 6500 Dk kr (Danish Kroner)

Binding registration: is avalible on: wilbargerkursus@gmail.com - REMEMBER your full name, profession, workplace adress and name.

The course is offerd through "Pilotskolen" by Christina Bendixen OT and "Børn i Bevægelse" by/Nanna Reimick OT

Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, FAOTA, has a background in occupational therapy and counseling psychology. She has been working with some aspect of sensory processing theories for over forty years. She is cofounder of Avanti projects. She has lectured worldwide and has contributed to the development of sensory integration organizations in several countries. Ms. Wilbarger is well-known for her clinical work with newborns, infants, and children with diverse diagnoses. She was one of the first occupational therapists to work in the NICU. She lectures nationally and internationally on sensory processing disorders and sensory integration.

Julia Wilbarger, PhD, OTR, received a BS in Physiological Psychology from UC Berkeley, a MS in OT from Boston University, and a PhD in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Denver, Colorado. She has practiced as an OT in early intervention with high risk and developmentally delayed infants and toddlers, in the public schools and private practice. At The Children’s Hospital, Denver, she served as a clinical specialist in sensory integration. She is currently an Associate Professor at Dominican University of California in the Occupational Therapy Department. Her research is focused on the study of affective and sensory processing in a range of clinical populations.


theories related to this condition as a basis for further study and research

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